Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
  • finished pool inside having removed internal walls and replacing missing truss

  • inserting pool having taken down wall and dug hole inside building.

  • Outside having reinstated brick wall removed to insert pool

The Client asked if it was possible to fit a pool inside the redundant farm building which formed part of the enclosure to the courtyard garden.
They did not want the roof removed as this had recently been reslated. Due to the low eaves height and the restricted access from the gable end it was necessary to remove the side wall dig out the ground in front and slide large fibreglass pool into position. A seven meter beam was required to support the roof while this was done and the wall had to be rebuilt to match the existing. We reused the original brick on the outside while insulating the walls on the inside as well as the roof. A streched ceiling was used inside to avoid loading the existing structure. One truss had to be made to copy one removed when internal walls had been added many years ago. Heating was provided by an air source heat pump,this heats the water and underfloor heating.